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Improving Diversity in the Workplace

Improving Diversity in the Workplace

March 8, 2019

Fostering a culture of inclusion in the workplace is critical to employee moral. This week on the podcast, we tackle important considerations for creating a work environment that meets the needs of the unique employees that allow your company to thrive. Surprise host & 3Q VP of Marketing Hillary Read is joined by an exciting group of guests, including:

  • Frances Donegan-Ryan: Ads Global Communications Manager at Bing & Co-Founder of Janes of Digital
  • Meredith Ausenbaugh: Senior Account Manager at 3Q Digital
  • Dawn Butler: Account Lead at 3Q Digital
  • Greg Erickson: People Analyst at 3Q Digital

Together, they cover:

  • Why having an inclusion strategy in the workplace is still so important
  • How to start and maintain productive dialogue about inclusion
  • How to start and maintain productive dialogue about inclusion
  • Under-recognized ways of promoting diversity
  • How to be mindful of less-discussed types of diversity
  • The important distinction between intention & impact

Mentioned in this week's podcast is a post from our 2018 diversity and inclusion blog series entitled "5 Things Your Black Coworker Might Be Thinking and Why" by 3Qer Zenia Johnson.

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